Those who want to use motorways in Slovakia must obtain a vignette. In 2016, the government introduced a new toll system, so purchasing a vignette is faster and more convenient. Now you are able to obtain a Slovakian digital vignette. You don’t need to visit the sales points anymore, as the process can be done entirely online.

To buy an electronic vignette, you should enter the required information in the form, cover the fee, and wait for the confirmation email. Then, you can download the file on your mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

The vignette is a must-have for vehicles up to 3.5t. You can select the validity period of 10 days, 30 days, 365 days, or 1 year during the process of getting a vignette to Slovakia. Vehicles weighing more than 3.5t need to have a special device to measure the distance and calculate the fee.

What is more, there are exceptions to the vignette obligation. The Slovakia vignette is not necessary in the case of governmental and help vehicles. Besides, holders of ZŤP disability cards and historic vehicles don’t need a special permit on motorways in Slovakia.

Types and prices of Slovakia vignette


€ 85.00


€ 85.00


€ 27.00


€ 22.00

Note that the final price depends on the government, so it may differ.

*The period of validity of a vignette starts from 1st January (or on payment date) and ends on 31st January of the following year.

Vehicles under 3.5t

Vehicles with a total weight not exceeding 3.5t must be registered in the vignette toll system. The rule is used in the case of two-track motor vehicles, M1 category vehicles with the permissible weight, combination of the vehicles (for example, vehicle + trailer) up to 3.5 t, and additionally for a trailer if the weight of the vehicle of the M1 or N1 category exceeds 3.5 t.

Vehicles over 3.5t

An on-board unit is necessary in the case of vehicles weighing more than 3.5t. The device measures distance and calculates the fee depending on kilometers, class/weight/emission, and number of axles. Check more information on the governmental website.

How to obtain a vignette for Slovakia

A motorway vignette can be purchased online or at sales points, such as gas stations. It is advisable to pick an electronic option, as only a device with an internet connection and valid means of payment are required. To obtain a Slovakian vignette online, you need to consider the steps listed below:

  1. Select the vignette type and provide the necessary information in the form (registration number, name, etc.).
  2. Pick the vignette start date and cover the service fee.
  3. Wait for a registration number and a Slovakia vignette.

Remember that all the details in the form must be correct. Otherwise, it can be treated as driving without a vignette.

Why are vignettes mandatory in Slovakia?

The vignettes in Slovakia are obligatory, like in other European countries (Hungary, Poland, Austria, Bulgaria, etc.). It is a popular way to confirm that a driver can use motorways. Thanks to the money raised from vignettes, maintaining the road system in Slovakia is possible. Remember that you must obtain a vignette to use motorways in Slovakia legally.

Benefits of buying an electronic vignette for Slovakia

You can enjoy the various benefits of the digital vignette:

  • You don’t need to place a sticker on the windscreen.
  • Because the transaction is done electronically, you do not need to look for the kiosk or vending machines.
  • An active vignette will be sent to your email address.
  • There is no need to print the confirmation. Vehicle license plate numbers are immediately registered in the system.
  • The vignette is valid immediately after purchase, so there is no need to wait.


Is a vignette necessary to drive Slovakia highways and expressways?

Yes, you must have a Slovakia vignette to use motorways in the country. You can get a vignette online from the comfort of your home, which is very convenient. Remember to obtain all the permits before the trip.

Where is it possible to buy an e-vignette for Slovakia?

Now, it is possible to obtain a vignette for Slovakia via the online process. Just visit the website, enter the required information in the form, cover the fee, and wait for the email with the Slovakian e-vignette. Also, traditional vignettes are available at sales points, such as gas stations or vending machines.

How much does the highway cost in Slovakia?

The Slovakia vignette cost depends on the vehicle category and validity period. Check the information about costs before and obtain a vignette online without problems.

When should I buy a digital vignette for Slovakia?

A Slovakia vignette needs to be purchased before you use the motorways in the country. Obtain the permit earlier to avoid stress. It is possible to select the start date in the special calendar during the procedure.

Should I take my e-vignette confirmation for a trip to Slovakia?

The best option is to save the confirmation file on your mobile device. You don’t need to print it out. Your vehicle’s information will be registered in the system, so it is easy to check if you paid for a vignette.

What is the fine for not having a vignette in Slovakia?

The fine depends on the vignette type, and it varies from €100 to €500. Remember to purchase a Slovakian vignette before your trip to avoid problems.